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Articles of Cohiba Club Atmosphere C.C.A. - Prague


The Cohiba Cigar Club, herein referred to as CCC, is a special interest association of physical and legal entities, the purpose of which is the association of smokers of pipes and cigars and those entities which have a special interest in such activities.



club is located at Kaprova 5, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic.



Executive ClUb authorities

1. Founding Member

2. Board of Directors - Honorary Members of the Board

3. Administrator

4. Secretary


1) Founding Member

The highest executive of the club is the Founding Member.


Approves the budget for each following year

Approves the amount of the membership fees

Considers any motion to end the activities of the club

Decides any other issues which fall under his responsibility as described here in these Statutes


Meetings of the Board of Directors are to be called at least once every three months.


2) Board of Directors


The Board of Directors is a body selected by the Founding Member. The term of office is one year. The position of Member of the Board may be given to a club member in view of his importance and merit in the club, awarded as an honorary position for an unlimited term. Such an appointment must be approved by the Founding Member. The Board of Directors must have at least three members. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected from the board's members. In the event that the number of members of the Board of Directors falls below three in the middle of the term of appointment, the board can select new members for the board to participate for the remainder of the term of appointment. The Board of Directors is the body which directs the activities of the club. The Board of Directors ensures and executes in full the resolutions of the Founding Member, the programs and goals of the club, including guaranteeing financially and materially the activities of the club.

The Chairman must call a meeting of the board at least once every quarter year. The board is responsible for the acceptance of new members. The right to negotiate and enter contracts is held by the Founding Member, the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors.



Membership in the club can be held by any physical entity over the age of 18.

An applicant for membership must fill out a written application, with which he confirms his agreement with the club's Statutes and further agrees to maintain these Statutes. Acceptance for membership of the applicant is decided by the Board of Directors, based on the submitted application. The founding Member can set further conditions for the acceptance of new club members. A condition of membership is the payment of membership subscriptions, except in the case of honorary membership.




Membership FEES ARE composed of



The admittance fee is to be paid within thirty (30) days from the announcement of acceptance as a member of the club. The fee occurs only one time without regard to the length of membership in the club.

The admittance fee is 20,000 CZK including VAT.



Each member is required to regularly pay an annual fee, which is 5,000 CZK including VAT for a physical entity for one year. Membership fees are to be paid within 30 days of the member's acceptance in the year in which the membership begins and are to be paid by the end of January in all following years. Annual membership fees are valid for one calendar year.


In the case that the membership fees are not paid within the specified time, the membership automatically terminates, or in the case of a new membership approval, never begins.


The membership card and certificate are proof of membership, and are given to the member after the payment of the membership fees. Furthermore, they are also proof of payment of the membership fees.


To rent a private box (humidor), which is regulated to have the ideal humidity and temperature for storing cigars costs 5,000 CZK per calendar year. The renter can store cigars, other supplies or cognac bottles which have been purchased in CCC in his lockable box. The number of boxes available is limited.





Non-payment of membership fees within the specified time

Death of the member

Termination of the legal entity

Expulsion due to gross violation of club rules


In the event of termination of membership the former member has no right to demand the return of the membership fee or any portion thereof. Expulsion of a member is decided by the Board of Directors. Until the decision is made by the Board of Directors, the membership rights of the member who is being considered for expulsion are suspended.



The Member has the right to participate in the activities of the club, to use its cultural facilities and related services, including using the benefits provided to club members. Each member should adhere to the Statutes and other accepted club documents, to follow the decisions of the executive bodies of the club and resolutions of the Founding Member. Members are to notify the Secretary of the club in the event of any change which would have an effect on the membership information, such as but not limited to a change in residence, telephone number or fax number.



Termination of the club is decided by the Founding Member. In the event that the number of members of the club falls below three it is not necessary to call the member's meeting.



These Statutes are valid from the day they are accepted at the founding membership meeting and are put into effect on the day the club is registered.



Entrance into the membership area of the CCC is since 15. 10. 2014 allowed to all interested candidates, including non-members of CCC club. Proper dress is required. (Entrance in shorts work and sports clothing and such my not be allowed). To member´s reservation will be given preference over other bookings.








Every Member will receive a membership certificate from the CCC plus a membership card with the holder's registration number which will allow them to take advantage of the following special offers and discounts.



  • 10% discount on the purchase of cigars and other tobacco products in the COHIBA Cigar Club Shop.
  • 10% discount on smoking supplies in the COHIBA Cigar Club Shop - pipes, humidors, cigar holders, cigar cutters, lighters, special matches, special cigar lighters, pipe cleaners, papers and so on.
  • 25% discount on food and drinks in the other establishments of KVP GASTRO
    (Restaurant U ORLOJE, steak bar EL TORO NEGRO, restaurant U CÍSAŘŮ, motorest PODDUBÍ, Grand hotel Praha, Grand café Praha, La Bodeguita Del Medio, La Casa Argentina).
  • Invitation to participate in all special activities held by La Bodeguita del Medio (feasts, special evenings, and so on).
  • Invitation to participate in all special activities held by the CCC (presentations, tastings, theme evenings, lectures and seminars).
  • Discounted prices on the purchase of bottles of cognac or brandy with a name plate.
  • 20% discount on the purchase of glass in the ERPET BOHEMIA CRYSTAL store, in the form of a voucher.
  • Discounted prices at the ERPET GOLF CENTER, see the attachment below.
  • Special gifts from the management of the club for celebrations on the occasion anniversaries.




1) Access to golf area - 200 CZK / hour, 50% discount
(driving range, putting green, chipping - golf balls unlimited)

2) FSG simulators - 400 CZK, discount 25%

3) Golf Card - 6500 CZK, 25% discount
-valid one year from the date of issue
-driving range, putting green, chipping, golf balls       

4) Racquet Sports - 10%
(tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis)                    

5) Outdoor Pool - 3000 CZK, 20% discount



Contact - Michal Hu – tel.: + 420 608 201 412, e-mail: hu,erpet,cz


All other possible services in the ERPET Golf Center facilities, such as organized private parties, group sports activities, training lessons, golf academy, etc. can ge arranged directly with the marketing department.

Gabriela Hejmová, GSM: + 420 602 467 441

Discounted prices for members of the Cohiba Cigar Club on these activities will be handled individually.



Strakonická 2860/4, 150 00 Praha 5, tel.: + 420 257 321 177, + 420 257 321 229, fax: + 420 257 319 212
e-mail: hejmova,erpet,cz






The statutes of the club
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