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Gastro Group plc VIP Card

Conditions for obtaining the Card:

You can obtain the Gastro Group plc VIP Card in this manner:

a/ by a Loyalty program of Cohiba Club Atmosphere – Praha (hereinafter as „C. C. A. - Praha“)

To obtain the VIP Card of Gastro Group plc you may ask the manager of C. C. A. - Praha for your customer card. This card contains four free fields, every time you visit us please check your free field is marked and after the occupation of all fields you will obtain your Gastro Group plc VIP Card by the manager of C. C. A. - Prague.

b/ Gastro Group plc reserves the right to give VIP Cards for its guests. Persons responsible for the selection are managing directors and managers of establishments.

To activate the card you need to register on in the section of VIP CARD, then the card will be activated with a bonus of 15%.

Loyalty program
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